September 30, 2018: Day of Reflections on Climate

WashU hosted a day of reflections on climate, featuring the woman behind the Paris Agreement, Christiana Figueres, and the Executive Director of the Sierra Club, Michael Brune (pictured below).

In a time of great advancement for WashU’s work on climate, both speakers invited us to reflect on the more difficult questions this university must continue to ask—challenging clean coal and imploring the university to put its money where its mouth is and divest.

In case you missed it, here’s a quote from Executive Director of the Sierra Club, Michael Brune on “clean coal”: “But not throwing good money after bad and not sink[ing] millions of dollars or billions of dollars around the world in advancing technologies that really can’t and shouldn’t be put into use. So I don’t think that clean coal is real, nor do I think that clean coal is a good option for this university, much less the rest of the country.”

This op-ed was posted in conjunction with the day of reflections.