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Who We Are

We are Fossil Free WashU, a student campaign at Washington University in St. Louis focused on pressuring the university to divest from the top 200 fossil fuel companies.

Why we are demanding Wash U divest now:

1. Climate change is a scientifically-acknowledged reality that Wash U must address as a leading research institution. Given the nature of fossil fuels as the leading cause of global climate change, and the involvement of many fossil fuel corporations in unjust practices at the expense of local communities, the situation couldn’t be more urgent.

2. Climate change and environmental injustice at macro and micro levels most affect globally marginalized communities. Wash U must dissociate from the havoc fossil fuels have wreaked around the world, and on our own doorstep. We must resist, reject, and defy the exploitation people have long faced at the hands of coal, oil, and gas companies;  especially as we see fossil fuel interests represented at the highest level of our government. As a prominent university, we have the opportunity to stand with myriad institutions and governments across the world who divest to invest–in our collective future.

3. While Fossil Free WashU does not call for divestment for monetary benefit, and our emphasis is on the health of our environment and neighbors, we want to make clear that a multitude of financial organizations have acknowledged that divestment is a viable financial decision. Our endowment funds will join the $5 trillion that has already been publicly committed to divestment from fossil fuels globally.

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